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Feb. 18, 1984
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4 months ago
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I do cardio, calisthenics, and some weight lifting, massage and stretching is underreated I think.
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I have a drink occasionally
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I wrote a new kind of economic and political philosophy for a new political party to end extreme poverty terrorism and war, etc.

Let me know what you think.

I explain on my website how lowering the poverty rate will expand the economy and actually benefit the 1%, business interests. Lowering the poverty rate will according to social science research will lower the crime rate, opiate addiction, alcoholism, and suicide. A lower poverty rate higher wages for example will also increase tax revenue so we will not actually have to increase taxes on the wealthy. My writing is therefore unlike socialism and will benefit more people.

I also show how environmentalism can actually benefit big business interests. More sustainability will allow for larger populations, larger populations means more consumers. Also safer water, cleaner air, and more testing on the safety of pesticides herbicides even after harvest, safer food will mean healthy more productive workers. Environmentalism therefore does not actually conflict with economic expansion and business goals of profit.

The powerful players politicians that can be found guilty of election fraud which i write more about on the website and business leaders such as banks and possibly others such as seed/ pesticide manufacturers found guilty of crimes can be offered pardons as part of a new political party platform so they do not feel obliged to control the news content and rig elections, and suppress the vote.

It is possible although not necessary to be on the party platform to see the possibility, possibility only of politicians and parties not trying to win, taking a dive in order to give legitimacy to the status quo. Its possible also that they do not change to benefit more people like this philosophy because they have not had these ideas yet.

Anyways with a we can end the threat of Extreme Poverty by increasing the social safety net that all countries already have, Working poverty for those that work full time should be almost eliminated except for those that choose to have very large families and only one person working a relatively low paying full-time job. The threat of extreme poverty however can be structurally eliminated. The relatively small investment will expand the economy and help solve many social problems. The pay structure that allows people to work full-time yet still live in poverty can also be practically eliminated. Beyond solving many social problems, having less poverty and no extreme poverty, having a stronger social safety net will expand the economy. Because working people are also consumers using a business perspective, keeping workers wages as low as possible, does not make for the most effective macro-economic model. Higher wages will result in more business sales, and tax revenue, again making it unnecessary to increase taxes on the wealthy relative to other people, which makes this political and economic philosophy benefit more people than current ideologies that have large investments in the business centered approach to economics which keeps succeeds at keeping many working people relatively political minorities, keeping low income workers down. so poor that they do not feel like that have the ability to have political power or challenge those in power, or actually threatens everyone with political minority status and extreme poverty whether they live in extreme poverty, working full-time and poverty, even success people are threatened with extreme poverty and this may affect social interactions and people's feeling like they have the ability to affect change or are willing to affect change if there may be some perceived social or economic punishment for not accepting the current structure of society even if it is obviously flawed, or wanting to improve society, or think of ways to improve societal structures outside of established political parties,such as forming a new party. Keeping people with wages as low as possible and threatened everyone with extreme poverty might make some sense to keep power with relatively little power but because of how macro-economic works compared to running a business, how working people are also consumers, keeping them as poor as possible does not actually maximize economic output and business profits. Yes. if one business increases wages they will lose profit but when all businesses moderately raise wages there will be economic expansion, increase in sales, besides the social benefits that according to social science research lower poverty rate will lower crime rate, alcoholism, opiate addiction, and suicide.

Yes, with less poverty, higher wages and no extreme poverty threat some more people who will choose to only work part time; increasing wages will help lower the unemployment rate.

I also show how war and terrorism are corrupt relating to Eisenhower's 1961 speech, warning about the increasing power of the military industrial complex upon leaving office. The military weapons and bomb, and equipment manufacturers give money to congress and congress has investments in those industries so there is money in going to war for whatever the cause.

Conventional politicians and terrorism leaders, and warlords promote war to increase geo-political power and to maximize their wealth, the leaders wealth. Showing how this works in the west and in other hot spots and how they use religion as war propaganda as a tool to promote war can help along with showing the West's history of supporting business friendly dictators for National interests that is really for a small minority not actually national "American" interests for example. Also I show how using comparative religious studies can also help prevent conflict, greatly reduce the effectiveness of religious war propaganda, religion can be viewed as not really being the underlying cause of historical conflicts.

It is useful to see war as corrupt to increase power and wealth and religion is simply used as a means to promote ad justify military interventions. For example terrorist have no real strategy for converting the whole world to Islam, stating this goal is just war propaganda to advertise wars the leaders profit and increase power with.

Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Koran performs miracles and is born miraculously from Mary in the Koran. The difference is he performs miracles through the power of God instead of being considered to be God. Also there are passages in the Bible that support genocide killing of entire peoples because God is not with them, so highlighting the violence in Islam without acknowledging the atrocities supported by God in the bible is not useful in promoting peace and understanding.

Promoting moderately higher wages, less poverty and ending extreme poverty by increasing the social safety net that all countries already have, and promoting environmental protection abroad through trade, fair trade, instead of free trade, exploitation, will also help prevent conflict as well as acknowledging, speaking about our histories about how we have used direct and indirect military interventions and other means to protect interests of powerful corporations especially during the cold war, we have helped to overthrow governments in every Latin American country; admitting this history of military interactions and supporting brutal dictators and un-democratic revolutions and coup de etats in order to apparently try to apparently protect profits, and calling that U.S. national interests when having lowest possible wages and environmental protection does not even maximize economic output and profits, acknowledging this apparent history that has been effectively covered up by news organizations and promoting a fairer trade policy will help create stability where we have created conflict. Moderately higher wages, cleaner air, safer water and food, environmentalism as a means to increase productivity and economic output potential in general, and promoting the ending of the threat of extreme poverty abroad will create stability and reduce emigration of refugees. as well as create new markets for U.S. corporations.

Contrary to what the media says, the initial cause of the hatred of the West for terrorists is "greedy military interventions" not our freedoms. The intervetntions such as overthrowing Iran in the 50s for trying to natinonalize the petroleum industies there and generally using a business perspective on economics during the cold war and up until current support for un-demcratic governments coup de etats while effective at retaining power through economic extreme poverty threats, having a foregin policy based on business interests instead of economics and peace does not actually maximize economic output. While not causing the terrorism it is the cause of the initial hatred. The perceived greedy military interventions is the cause of the initial hatred. That is why the religious war propaganda works. As stated above however in order to foster mutual understanding and peace war without exception, even when it is put in terms of religious difference can be viewed as corrupt as a means to maximize leaders whether terrorist leaders conventional politicians or warlords, promoting war is used to maximize leaders wealth and political power, and the religious aspect of any conflict is merely a rhetorical tool to persuade people to fight for the leaders interests. Acknowledging how leaders on both sides of the war on terror benefit from promoting war to increase their wealth, and political power, not just showing how war is corrupt on our side, but both sides is the way to convince people that peace is possible.

Also when there is no threat of extreme poverty there will be less incentive for people to fight for the leaders interests that is fraudulently put in terms of national interest or religious duty, when, especially when it is shown war is not the most effective way to prevent to prevent terrorism or promote fairer, more mutually beneficial economic relationships.

Giving current leaders that may be potentially guilty of suppressing the vote and various forms of election fraud, giving them amnesty or pardons seems like the best incentive for them to allow us to move forward if they do not want to promote peace, ending extreme poverty and lowering the poverty rate, as well as environmentalism to expand the economy then we can give those leaders warlords etc. incentives such as political protection or pardons instead of threatening them militarily, fines, or jail, giving everybody inventive.

Terrorism can be viewed as a crime that before the use of religious war propaganda to benefit the leaders, the initial hatred stems from perceived conflict with our foreign policy history. Acknowledging the cause of the initial hated as our "greedy military interventions" and not our freedoms helps understand the source of the conflict so that we can have effectively end it, instead of covering up the source of the initial hated, leaving out the cause of the initial hatred, effectually using religious war propaganda on our side by oversimplifying the conflict and saying they simply hate us for our freedoms, therefore fraudulently putting the conflict in terms of religious conflict on both sides, when, it is most useful, if trying to promote peace and economic output, safety and profit to put the conflict, war in terms of a way to increase power and wealth of terrorist leaders and politicians the West. It should be stressed that war, extreme poverty, and keeping wages as low as possible does not maximize economic output and business profits. If we can have peace and end extreme poverty by admitting our apparent corrupt foreign policy history and giving amnesty pardons instead of threatening them then we can move on to a world free of conflict and threat of extreme poverty where nobody feels obliged to fight or rig elections or control the media, especially when it is shown that the current status quo power and economic structure and covering up the initial cause of the hatred of the U.S. and West does not maximize safety or profits, using military means while ignoring the cause of the initial hatred is not an effective means of preventing terrorism. If the initial hatred is "greedy military interventions" then to address this initial hatred we need a critical perspective on on our foreign policy history and promote trade policy that will not only reduce refugee immigration, reduce the inventive of outsourcing of U.S. jobs, and create stability, but will also create new markets for U.S. and western businesses and corporations, besides effectively preventing terrorism when this kind of policy is put in terms of not only social justice and economic expansion here and abroad, but also preventing terrorism as well as reducing crime, opiate addiction, alcoholism, and suicide.

On the website I cite reporters without borders Press Freedom Index 2017 ranking of the U.S. as ranking 43rd.

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It is for all audiences. Its a new political and economic philosophy for a new political party, with critical and useful perspective of foreign policy to prevent conflict and reduce the threat of terrorism. It explains how ending extreme poverty and lowering the poverty rate can expand the economy and why increasing taxes on the wealthy is not necessary and how giving pardons to corrupt politicians and powerful businesses instead of threatening them will make them less likely to suppress the vote, change election rules, rig elections, and control the news content.

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New ideas can change the world.


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